about me.

i always knew that my strong family history of breast cancer left me with a higher than normal risk. my mom had breast cancer when she was only 40 years old. her mom had breast cancer twice, and most of her sisters had it as well. i had therefore been getting mammograms and mris every 6 months since my late 20s, but since i also had fibrocystic (very dense) breasts, they would often find something questionable, making it extra stressful for me. i’d been told many times in the past that i should consider surgery if i ever decided to get genetic testing, but i always told myself i was negative for a mutation and never really wanted to know.

then in late 2012, a friend of mine ordered a home dna testing kit, and she told me how interesting it had been to learn about her genetic makeup and traits. i decided to order a kit for my sister and me, just for funsies. i had no idea that when i opened an email from them that arrived on the afternoon of friday, april 5, 2013, that my whole world would change and that i would learn that i am  brca2+, which meant that i had an 87% likelihood of getting breast cancer – along with a 54% likelihood of getting ovarian cancer, and a significantly higher risk of skin, pancreatic, stomach, gallbladder, colon, and bile duct cancer.

this has been an extremely surreal and challenging “journey,” but after getting my pathology report back and seeing a lot of precancerous indicators, i try to regularly remind myself that no matter how difficult this has been, i did the right thing. i hope that my blog might help educate people about the prevalence of hereditary breast and ovarian cancers, and hopefully i can help other women who are just starting to go through something similar. thank you for reading.